I had ordered a LENOVO IDEAPAD 300 15ISK 80Q700UGIN notebook on 22nd FEBRUARY 2016 on FLIPKART, ORDER ID (OD105299039622713000) . The specifications on the website and app mentioned the product having a FULL HD(1920×1080) display. But once i recieved the product (on 26th Febraury) I realised the laptop was only an HD(1366×768) DISPLAY LAPTOP ! FLIPKART had mislead me into buying the laptop when i asked for a return they rejected the request and blandly denied ever having the wrong specifications! But I had the laptop on my FLIPKART cart for a month and I checked it everyday and it was always FULL HD. I spoke to Jxxxxi Sxxxxxh of Flipkart on the morning of 28 February and she blatantly denied FLIPKART ever having had the specification error even though another user had complained on their app of the same thing ! And she said they’d not be replacing this laptop that i was duped into buying. Right now I’m stuck with a laptop that won’t suffice for the reason I had bought it in the first place — I needed a FULLHD display. My RETURN ID is 47322372 that FLIPKART rejected. Please help me because it cost me Rs. 42,990 and I cannot afford another laptop at the moment

Avinandan Ganguly
Kolkata 700019, West Bengal
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com / 28/02/2016 / 11:53 am

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