In the first week of january 2016 i came across a site watch mantra with site address as on the facebook page advertising luxury watch brands being sold at heavy discounted price. i visited the site and saw the watches displayed with their pictures. the site also has return and refund policy along with replacement guarantee. there was an official contact number shared on the site if further details were required. the number shared is 9818425325. i had multiple conversations with one gentleman mr sxxxxxy sxxxxxa and he assured me of the quality of the watch i was interested in called hublot key of time. on 7th january 2016 i placed the order as cash on delivery basis and by the 11th of january 2016 the product was delivered at home by sky brands. i paid inr 15,000 for the watch and it turned out to be non functional after delivery, defective and also an illegal copy of the original watch. there after i contacted the site watch mantra to return the watch and refund my inr 15,000. at first conversations mr sxxxxxxy sxxxxxxa assured me that an original product will be delivered to me in 2 – 3 days time. this did not happen and i was scared that the entire set up seems to be a fraudulent business. i pressurised mr sxxxxy sxxxxxa to refund my money and post which he made me speak to mr axxxxj from his company. mr axxxxj was rude and curt and told me that my money will not be refunded no matter what i do. the company is based out noida and the address is plot no 31, sector 125 noida 201301. they have also listed an office in the UK as 623 b princes street, newtown, edinburg and united states as 1256 z union hills drive suite 300 phoenix az 85027. i have sent complaint mails to their site and have had no response.

akhil mehra
Mumbai 400101, Maharashtra
Email: / 17/01/2016 / 11:31 am

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