Today I received a message on Whatsapp as follows:

“Did you heard about amazon? They have 300 Samsung Curved Hd tv’s unsealed that they can’t sell,so they are offering them for free. You can claim a free Samsung tv right here: Limited stock so hurry up!!!”

I clicked on the given link and as required by them, I forwarded this message to 10 people and then I was asked to download any one app out of the 3 options provided. I downloaded this app called Grofers. Before downloading Grofers, they didn’t specify the price of the app.. Even before giving the master card details, they didn’t specify its price and only after all the details were given, the message came that Rs. 60/- was debited from my account. Then they proceeded to my address details which I gave. After that I didn’t find any link to proceed further. Then suddenly one message came which asked to remain on Grofers for some time. I shopped on Grofers in order to complete the process faster. After that 3 more apps appeared and I was asked to download any 2 apps which I didn’t . Then onwards there is no message or information from them.

I am rather unsure whether Samsung or Amazon would mislead people in such a way but Grofers and other apps surely gained. I request you friends to suggest as to what should be done.If the concerned organisations are actually guilty, what should be done? It’s not a matter of Rs 60/- or more but it certainly reeks of poor business ethics resulting in mental torture and loss of time to the consumer.

Ravindra Joshi
Patparganj, New Delhi 110092
Email: / 13/03/2016 / 5:23 pm

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