I had made an online ticket booking for two travels as follows –
1) My wife and daughter’s travel for 9th to 14th Feb
2) My travel for 7th to 14th Feb

The order of booking was as provided above. During my booking the portal showed a prepopulated passenger name; this was not editable. I tried refreshing the page and processed the booking once more yet the details were not editable.
As a registered user of the portal I had some pre-loaded passengers one of which was my details. I thus checked the check-box against my name and proceeded my booking to the payments page. Unfortunately this page on MMT doesnt show the passenger details. I had an inkling that something could go wrong; so I went back to the passenger details page but on not being able to update the passenger I finally processed the transaction.

To my surprise once payment was processed I received an email with the booking confirmation with passenger name as my wife’s details! This was clearly a system error yet I suffered the consequences

I followed up with MMT but was advised that i woudl need to follow the grievience process and that the only way out was to cancel the booking and rebook with new passenger details. In the process I lost INR 3,500 due to expenses towards cancellation charges.

I have been since that day following up with MMT and while they agreed that the sequence of the transaction was exactly as i explained (from their logs) they were unable to honor my claim since the passenger name was incorrectly provided. I am unable to understand how can i as a user update the passenger name if it is an uneditable field!!

Tanuj Sinha
84, Chrrysalis, Lohe Gaon Road, Wagholi, Pune, Maharashtra
Email: tanuj_sinha@hotmail.com / 02/03/2015 / 7:51 pm

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