Yesterday I received a message from airtel india on my airtel no 9006112522 that, on recharge of ? 299 you will get local + Std unlimited and 1 gb 3g/4g data for 28 days. After this message for confirmation I contact to customer care ( no. 198) at 15:44 and he confirmed me that you will got that.

At 19:24 I recharged my no. according to that message by ? 299 but after reacharge I got 1.25 gb 3g/4g data only. When I dont get according to my plan again I again contact to customer care on 198 at 20:54, then he told me that there is no any offer like this on your airtel no, then I told him please transfer to your senior, i told to senior everything about my case, he also told that there is no any plan on your no, then i told him about message and my cofirmation, after that he told me to wait till 24 hour if you confirmed by our customer care, You will got that
Whole day I am waiting for any message from airtel, but i dont. After completing of 24 hours again I call to customer care at 22:17, again he is telling me there is no any offer on your airtel no, I again request him to transfer your senior, senior told that no any offer on your no like that. so you dont got that. Again i told him that I got a message and i am also confirmed by your representarive but he dont care and replied me same thing again and again.

This is not fare and totally cheat with me by airtel india. I am CA student and time is much important for me and he lost my much more time and gave me only tension. I want my all compensation from airtel india. Kindly request you to take strict action about this complaint.

Achal Kumar Jha
Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi 110092
Email: / 15/11/2016 / 11:45 pm

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