I am an extremely frustrated customer of Reliance Communications Ltd. I want Reliance Ada to refund the money taken from me by the company but for which no service provided.

I am an internet customer of Reliance Communications Ltd., based in Trivandrum, Kerala.

I tried to recharge my Netconnect account online for Rs. 2999/- on 15/02/2015 through the ‘myservices’ portal of Reliance Ada.  Money was debited from my debit card, but my account was not recharged. Reliance Ada ‘myservices’ portal payment id for the debit transaction is 82189205, time 13:21 Hrs., 15/2/2015. In the ‘myservices’ portal it was indicated that the money would be refunded in seven days time.

Having the online recharge failed, I recharged my account on 16/02/2015 by cash payment at a Reliance Ada outlet at Trivandrum (Ringtone, Pulimoodu) for Rs. 2999/- for 45 GB and Rs. 20/- for core balance. The 45 GB and core balance recharged on cash payment were instantly credited to my account. The Reliance Transaction Ids for the cash recharges are 9429645110 for Rs. 2999/- and 9429566402 for Rs. 20/- respectively.

After the expiry of seven days, as no refund was made by Reliance Ada, I contacted the call centre of that company and registered a complaint. The Service Request Number is 230409908 dated 23/02/2015. I followed up my telephonic request by an e-mail to myservices@relianceada.com on 24/02/2015.

Ever since 15/02/2015, I have been sending e-mails and making phone calls to Reliance Ada and Reliance Netconnect to get my money back. Every time I keep on getting the same reply   “your request is sent to the concerned department”. After disgusted with the pathetic customer service of Reliance Ada for one and a half months, I contacted what is called the Reliance Appellate Authority on 25/03/2015 and requested them to get my money refunded. The complaint number is 231490419. They gave me the Reliance Ada’s usual reply. But my money is not refunded by Reliance Ada till date.

This is akin to stealing. This is appalling to see such unethical and unscrupulous behaviour from a company like Reliance Ada. After money is cut from somebody’s account, if the service is not given, why do they need, in the first place, seven days’ time to refund the money? In fact, the transaction should be reversed immediately, within 24 hours. It is a pity that Reliance Ada doesn’t bother to refund the money even after seven weeks.

As a customer, now I am utterly frustrated by this company’s attitude. I must get my money back. I am now planning to petition to Consumer Court to get back not only my Rs. 2999/- but I am also going to claim compensation for the time that I lost in telephoning and e-mailing them and also for the mental agony I suffered.

I request you, through your platform,  if possible, to inform Reliance Ada that there should be some limit to being nasty with the customers, and ask them to refund my money immediately.

Email: nspillaitvm@gmail.com
Contact No. 9895855090 / 10/04/2015 / 10:22 am

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