I bought Moto G(Rs.13999) in March 2014 from Flipkart with IMEI No: 355004057376629. It worked fine around a month. After that till today I am struggling with the phone, the customer care and the service center people. Whole experience is so frustrating.

Service Center:
My phone is with Sri Sai Communication, Hardy Complex, General Bazar, Hyderabad for second time. I submitted the phone on 13th Sept 2014. The problem in my phone is frequent blue screen and partial restart till MOTOROLA logo screen and process continues. Sometimes it comes up after a day or more. I explained the problem to service center people and they said the problem is with screen and they will replace it which will take around 3-4days. After 10days when I called them up, the response was “phone is under observation”. After multiple follow ups and 4th visit, finally on 26th day I got a call from them that the repair has been done and I can collect it. But yesterday, during demonstration only I same problem of “blue screen, restart ” occurred. How can company like MOTOROLA-A GOOGLE PHONE do such harassment to customer??? I had to leave the phone with them with uncertainty. They did not communicated any timeline and said “they will call me tomorrow and confirm” which is today but I did not get any call.

Customer Care:
I called up customer care and escalated the issue couple of times.Ref No – 140920012567(1st) and Ref No-141006-008430(2nd) but no positive result. They said within 48hrs, you will get call from our senior but no call yet, Its been 4-days now.
Yesterday I dropped an email to MOTOROLA and the [Incident No:141010-009982], which they were supposed to respond within 24hrs but as usual no reply yet.

The phone is there in service center for almost 28days and still the issue is not resolved after repair claim. Also no communication by when they are going to fix and hand over to me. I have no idea what is going out there. With the kind of service I am getting from both service center and customer care, it is really harassing me.

Please process my request and help me here.

Priya Sabut
#505 NB, Hallmark Express Tower, Kothaguda, Hyderabad 500084, Telengana
Email: priya07sabut@gmail.com / 11/10/2014 / 12:15 am

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