I have purchased Moto X2 Mobile through Flipkat with Order ID: OD203007297479434500 on 02-06-2015. Invoice No: #BLR_WFLD20150600051630. It got water damaged on 19-01-2016. I have taken it to Motorola Authorized service Centre, B2X, Secundrabad, Address: E services, Shop No:14, 1st floor, hardy complex, opp:chermas showroom, M.G. Road, Secundrabad, 500003. The service centre representative has confirmed the water damaged and accepted under non warranty repair. The Job Number: AMSSEC007462 has been registered and given an acknowledgment after taking a payment of Rs; 170.

On 20-01-2016 they have called that the Display part is non repairable and need to go for new part. They intimated the cost of the new part is around Rs. 8700. I said to go for a new part. The service centre representative told me that the old defective part will not be returned back as the policy and will be returned to the factory. I asked them that I need to old part as I am paying 100% money for the new part. They refused my request and asked me to call Motorola 24/7 customer care number 18001022344. On 20-01-2016 at 12:50 PM I have called Customer service centre number. Mr. Sxxxxxxh customer care representative has answered my call and told me that the old part will returned back at any cost. I asked him to talk to his senior or make me a call back with his senior. It seem his senior is refused to talk to me for resolving my problem.

In this regard I am filing a Consumer Form Compliant, I want my Old Part to be returned or I want 50% discount in the new part. This is some thing the not acceptable action from Motorola. The hope that old part is being re-fabricated and sold to other people. This is non other than cheating the customers. I request the forum to take this serious action on this kind of action by the manufacturers.

P Murali Sagar
Moosapet, Hyderabad 500018, Telangana
Email: sxxxxr@visiontek.co.in / 20/01/2016 / 1:20 pm

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