Motorola not servicing Moto Z Play in warranty

Bought Moto Z play (25K) from Amazon on Jan 22 2017. It became blank in Sep 2017 (just 8 months). Since it’s under warranty I contacted both Amazon and Motorola. Motorola asked to go to their Service center and we did. However, the service center is saying they have so much restriction to repair the phone under warranty and said since it is damaged inside (while outside looks perfectly alright, not even a scratch) cannot repair it for free. Have to pay Rs. 10K which is half the price of the phone now (Rs. 21K). So if a company like Motorola is not respecting it’s warranty, why charge such amounts for their phone which do not even last 1 year. Very bad, won’t again buy Moto phones (actually this is my fourth phone from Mototrola and the last one). I heard from my friends that many phone companies replace their display for free it got broken or repaired within the warranty period. Many even give a one-time replacement in one year period. Please think twice before buying Moto phones for huge amounts. Attached the phone to show that it is not having any damage outside.

Sandhya Nair
Vattiyoorkavu, Thiruvananthapu 695013, Kerala

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    • Sandip on 27/10/2017 at 6:01 pm

    Hi Sandhya,
    We would like to get more information about case, feel free to send us an email to referring this post
    Motorola Support

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