I purchased a strolley from Basecamp store at Delhi Airport.

1. MRP in May 2016 was Rs. 14000, and no discount.
2. MRP in July 2016 was inflated to Rs. 24000, and a 30% discount was given. Therefore, I purchased it for Rs. 16800 after discount.
3. MRP in August 2016 has again been reduced to Rs. 17000, and no discount.

It is clear that the pricing was increased only to give a notion of discount, and as per the Consumer Protection Act, this is an UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE.

I tried getting them to compensate me for this action, but the Basecamp official has only offered to refund my expense if I return the product in good condition.

I am happy with the product I purchased. I am angry at the way the pricing has been manipulated, and the way they have cheated me.

After my interaction with Basecamp official, I strongly believe that this is a regular practice followed by that company. Hence I wish to bring this to the notice of the relevant agencies to initiate penal action against Basecamp.

Arihant Parakh
Egmore, Chennai 600008, Tamil Nadu
Email: axxxxxxxxxh@gmail.com / 01/09/2016 / 5:48 pm

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