I had placed an order for a Large Heavy Duty Folding Wardrobe With Built In Shoe Rack (order no: 12627180) on 6th November 2015. It is the 23rd of December and I have still not received the order nor the refund, after repeated complaints (reference no: 107668384443). In fact, I am being dodged around and harassed with regards to the refund.

I sent an e-mail to Rediff Shopping Customer Care around the end of November. Only after a week, on the 9th of December I received a reply saying that the product will arrive shortly. I reverted asking precisely when I would be receiving the product to which I received a ‘copy-paste’ of the previous e-mail, after another whole week.

I also asked for any compensation for the delay and was told that such is not possible.

I called Customer Care and was assured that the product would be delivered before 19th December. I did not receive it.

On 22nd December, I sent an e-mail requesting for a refund and informing that the bank account from which the payment was made is now closed and had sent account details of a bank account I am now using. To this I received an immediate reply saying that the product has already been dispatched and hence the refund cannot be made.

I replied informing that I was told that the product would be delivered to me by 19th December, and since I haven’t received it and do not wish the tedious follow-up, I would want a refund. Once again, I received a copy-paste e-mail saying that a refund cannot be made.

It drove me to make more phone calls, several times I was told that a refund cannot be made, sometimes I was told that the refund is put to process, another date of 31st December was promised, but I had lost all patience and wanted the refund. I asked to be connected to a senior executive, to which I was told that there is no point because she / he too would say the same. Executives kept going back and forth on their words. In spite of requests, there were no e-mails to confirm the many telephone conversations.

I even called to track my order and was told that the product was dispatched on 9th November, but they gave me no tracking details of where in transit the product is now. The online tracker is still showing a ‘ready to dispatch’ status.

From the repeated calls I made to Customer Service today, the 23rd of December, on one of the calls I was told, once again, that a refund has been processed, that I would receive an e-mail in 10 minutes, and the money shall be transferred to my new bank account, the details of which were sent earlier. I did not receive the e-mail. In fact, when I called again, I was again told that a refund cannot be made because the product has already been dispatched. On informing that I was told that the refund was put to process, the customer care executive told me that the refund cannot be made until I send a close-up statement issued by my bank. After all the dodging around, there is yet another errand to run and basically, if the bank does not issue such a statement, I am stuck again!!

This has been going on.

Over and above, Rediff Shopping does not have a toll-free number. The internet clearly mentions that the number is toll-free but I found myself charged on all the calls made. Again, all this with no compensation and poor services.

My kind request to take this issue of customer harassment forward.

Thank you!

Chenelle Rodrigues
Goa 403708
Email: cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs@rediffmail.com / 23/12/2015 / 7:21 pm

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