I had purchased a LG DV626 DVD Player from Snapdeal Online Shopping Portal on 6th May 2015 at 10:41:37 AM for Rs. 4190. The order number is 6137938831. They had promised me the delivery before 11th May 2015. They finally delivered the product on 11th May 2015 itself in the afternoon. I opened the package and found that the LG DV626 DVD Player was broken and was non-operational. So, I called Snapdeal customer care and informed them about the same. They asked me if I want a refund or a replacement. I requested them to refund the money back to my account. They took down my request and arranged a reverse pick up process where they would send a courier man from “NUVOEX” to collect the product within 3 business days (Ticket ID: 01011357) and refund me the money within 4 business days. The courier man came and took away the product after inspecting it the very next day i.e., 12th May 2015 and told me that I would receive the refund with 3 more days. I was happy then. On the very same day, I received another e-mail from Snapdeal stating that my replacement request is successful (whereas I had asked for a refund) and my product will be delivered within 4 to 7 working days (Suborder No. 8019208293).

I called Snapdeal customer care once again at 10:31 PM on 12th May 2015 requesting them to change the replacement to refund. They apologized for their mistake and changed it giving me another Ticket ID: 01076361 and said that I would receive a refund within the the next 4 business days. Then they refunded Rs. 2990 on 15th May 2015 and put rest of my money (Rs. 1200) in the Snapdeal Cash hoping that I can redeem that on another purchase. I did not even know that they had done that. So, I called Snapdeal customer care once again at 10:31 AM on 19th May 2015 asking them to refund the remaining amount of Rs. 1200 to my savings account. They took down my request and said that I would be receiving this within 4 working days giving me yet another Ticket ID: 01350564.

On 24th May 2015, they sent me an e-mail stating that they require my bank account number, account holder’s name, IFSC code and location of the bank. I got really frustrated after seeing the e-mail that I had to call Snapdeal customer care again. After listening to what I explained them, they said they cannot do anything unless I share my bank details with them by replying to the same e-mail. I said fine, I’ll do it. I replied to the same e-mail with all the details they wanted immediately. After doing that, I waited until 28th May 2015 when I went to the bank to see if they had refunded my money. No, they had not! So, I called Snapdeal customer care once more. And this time I noted down the name of the representative who answered. Her name was Mxxxu and she asked me to wait for 4-5 working days more as they could not refund due to some technical issues. I requested her to transfer the call to her supervisor and Mr. Vxxxo answered the phone. I talked to him and he assured me stating that I will not have to call Snapdeal again as they will initiate the refund right away to the bank account details that they have received from my e-mail. He also asked me to wait for until 3rd June 2015. It is 6th June 2015 today and is almost going to be a month since I have fighting and struggling with them to get my money back. I have wasted plenty of my precious time and hundreds of rupees talking to them on the phone. I also threatened them saying that I will write to the Consumer Forum and they asked me to go for it as according to them they are not at fault. I hereby request you to help me at the earliest. Thank you!

Pranavesh Ramachandran
B-3-B/14-A, Janak Puri, New Delhi 110058
Email: pranavesh88@hotmail.com
Contact No. 9811943784 / 06/06/2015 / 10:28 am

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    Sorry for the inconvinence. This is to inform you that your concern has been noted and our team is working on it. For further clarifications, please write us on writetous@snapdeal.com Kindly mention your Order ID in your subject line.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Snapdeal Online Team


    Hope your concern is resolved. Do let us know if you need ant further assistance. We will help you out.

    Team Snapdeal

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