My phone,Eluga A2 was purchased on 20/09/2016. Previously I was using Micromax Colours2 (Canvas A120), which had 1GB RAM. I was using the Micromax phone since August 2014 after my first smart phone a Samsung one got stolen. With these phones I was enjoying screen mirroring function in my Toshiba TV (model 32 L3300) with Dual Band WLAN Adaptor (WLM-40U) connected at USB port. Both my previous smart phones had direct screen mirroring function. To upgrade my phone from 1GB RAM, I purchased Panasonic Eluga A2 & the dealer assured me that all modern smart phone functions will be available. I tried screen mirroring without any success in my Toshiba TV. I visited Panasonic Brand Shop who told me screen mirrororing function is not built-in in this phone & after down loading an application ” all cast ” from Play Score they demonstrated screen mirroring in their TV type 40-TH 500 DS & assured of screen mirroring in my Toshiba TV which I tried & was unsuccessful. Upon advice from helpline to visit service center for up gradation/updatatinng of software, service station refreshed once with the software available but ultimately no luck with my TV. It may be noted screen mirroring was achieved with my friend’s smart phone ASUS which also had no direct access to screen mirroring , after down loading “” Screen Mirroring ” from Play Store. Unfortunately attempt of achieving screen mirroring with Eluga A2 failed as it could not detect any device in Wi-Fi. Since 24 th.of last month I am in contact with helpline & customer support for mobile phone to resolve this issue but no positive response from them.

Shibesh Banerjee
Kolkata 700033, West Bengal
Email: / 03/10/2016 / 11:26 pm

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