I purchased a membership with Crossroads and the membership ID is 11190001594. I requested a towing service at 7:30 AM on May 28, 2016. Their website claims free towing service upto 10 Kms with a turn around time of 30 minutes however; I was not given a service till 10 AM. I called Crossroads repeatedly and spoke to Sxxxxxxxd (Customer service rep), he gave me the number for the tow car driver. I called the driver and the he said the service was chargeable. confused, i told him that the terms of the contract said it to be free. He disconnected the call and cancelled the request all by himself. I was not informed about this and was kept in the dark for another hour on the road.

I escalated the issue and the supervisor in the customer service told me that the service was chargeable as it was a crane to car and not car to car. The contract i purchased only mentioned it as ‘vehicle to vehicle’.

I felt betrayed and cancelled the membership. This was also something that their customer service rep advised. They promised a refund through a cheque and a turn around time of 7 days.

It’s almost October now and the cheque has still not been sent despite repeated reminders over email. Please help me secure the refund.

Karan Jindal
Kokapet, Hyderabad 5000075, Telangana
Email: nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6@Gmail.com / 27/09/2016 / 9:11 pm

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