No service support from Motorola for cracked display

I just dropped my Moto X2 from 2 feet height and my gorilla glass cracked and I cannot believe it, it just cracked. I reached the service center in borivali mumbai on 25-Aug-2015 and they said you had to wait minimum 21 days as parts are not available. So I got my job sheet generated and I said to call me once parts is available and they agreed. I called the Motorola Customer care and they told they’ll arrange for parts and they escalated this issue and later I got a call from them saying that I can get my display replaced by 16-Sep-2015, so I called up the service center. they said parts have not yet reached them. So once again I reached the customer care, they made an excuse and said that they’ll I can get the display replaced by 24-Sep-2015, so today again I called the service center they told me that parts have not yet arrived and now the customer care are also not giving any concrete replies.

I am properly fed up with them and also they are charging an hefty sum of Rs. 7781/- just for the display assembly. Now I don’t think I’d pay that much sum as it’s been more than a month, I’m using the phone with cracked display and wasting my time and energy with these motorola guys. I’d like to file a formal complaint to teach these guys a lesson as in US motorola was giving a free display replacement for cracked display.

I clearly understood that the worst aftersales service and never to buy a motorola product in future.

Shahid Sabadia
Opp L&T Gate no 6, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400072, Maharashtra
Email: shahidsabadia] / 25/09/2015 / 12:16 am

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