My order number is 89477 & 104697 refers to deccan chronical Vijayawada Marketing division, 520007.

I was not receiving the DC paper for the past one month. Tried contacting the agent from all ends. After more than a month i was informed that the agent got changed and hence there is a issue in the delivery of the paper and from now on there will be no issues. I got the paper on 13/03/2015. Again i didnt get the same on 14/03/2015. When i contacted the DC marketing division Vijayawada i was told the same old story back. DC sales rep visited my house on 14/03/2015 and discussed the issue. He also promised me of no issues from now on and extended the subscription for another 6 months after receiving the payment.

Now today 16/03/2015 again the delivery of the paper was stopped for no reason. This is really so very irritating that having paid for something and the same issue keeps happening again and again and again. IF THE COMPANY IS NOT ABLE TO SORT OUT SUCH SIMPLE ISSUE WHAT SORT OF MANAGEMENT CONTROL AND QUALITY SERVICES THEY ARE HAVING. I want regular services or my paid money back including the days (30 nos) of non receipt of the paper. Please help me in sorting this issue.

Kishore Senthil Raj Janarthanam
No ff6, Koduru Residnecy, Labbipet 520010, Andhra Pradesh
Email: / 16/03/2015 / 8:32 am

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