I purchased online a pack of 6 EESL LED bulbs 9 Watts each manufactured by Wipro Enterprises Pvt. ltd. from Snapdeal vide Invoice no. SB900B/15-16/88486 dated 7.03.2016 for rupees five hundred ninety five only. the bulbs carry a warranty of three years. One of the bulbs proved to be defective after one day of use. It became very dim.

I wrote emails dated 25.03.2016, 26.03.2016 and 28.03.2016 to Wipro Enterprises ltd at the email address provided on the packing of defective bulb. I had also attached the invoice, photographs of faulty bulb and its packing showing Wipro and their addresses printed on them.

I received reply emails dated 26.03.2016 and 28.03.2016 from Wipro Enterprises ltd whereby I was told that Wipro does not sell any EESL/ DELP bulbs online through any e-commerce channel or retailer showrooms and suggested me to contact Snapdeal or seller for further details.

I called Snapdeal on telephone twice and requested them for replacement of defective bulb. I received their email replies dated 28.03.2016 and 1.04.2016 in which they stated that they can not accept my request for replacement as it was beyond 7 days of delivery..

I had also written email dated 28.03.2016 to EESL at the email address provided on the pack of defective bulb and had requested them for replacement of the defective LED bulb. I did not receive any reply from EESL.

Neither Snapdeal, nor Wipro is willing to replace the defective bulb.

Email: axxxxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com / 05/04/2016 / 10:52 pm

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  1. Dear Avinash(avinash_gu16),

    Sorry for the inconvenience. This is to inform you that we have taken a note of the concern and will get back to you.

    Team Snapdeal

  2. Dear Avinash(avinash_gu16),

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Kindly share your order id or complaint number with us at writetous@snapdeal.com so that our team may assist with your concern.

    Team Snapdeal

  3. Dear Avinash,

    We have not recieved the requisite details on your concern. Kindly share your order id or complaint number with us so that we may assist you further.

    Team Snapdeal

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