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Non-delivery of article by Quikr after payment

I have purchased a wooden TV Unit thru quikr on 22 April 2016. AD No. 261843922 wooden Tv Unit. Quikr confirmed that my offer has been accepted through SMS, I made the payment of Rs. 2100 through net banking Payment ref. No 5000236097
As per the time line given in the website, they are supposed to pickup and deliver the item within 1 – 2 business days if the item is within the same city, in this case, it is Mumbai. I have contacted quikr customer service 080-63764545 from 25 April 2016 till 27 April 2016 at least 25 times and have written e mail to doorstep@quikr. com (at least 7 e mails.). They have been misinforming me that the seller could not contacted on his mobile . In fact I am in regular touch with the seller and he informed me that no one quikr has contacted him for the pickup. The same story is being informed by quikr since 25 April 2016. I had a detailed discussion with Mr. Bxxxxu (who said, he is a senior manager of quikr at Bangalore) on 26 April 2016 at 1530 hrs and he promised that the pickup will be done on 26 April 2016 positively . But again no one from quikr contacted the seller . When I make complaints, they have standard response that “we have informed your concern to our customer service will contact in 48 hours “. It is just like the message given by Indian Metrological Dept giving weather forecasts. No one contacted me as of today 27 April, 2016 till 1200 hrs. I would greatly appreciate if consumer forum can intervene and arrange to refund the money. I have already written a e mail informing them to cancel the order.

Swaminathan Ramadass
Dadar West, Mumbai 400028, Maharashtra
Email: rxxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com / 27/04/2016 / 11:42 am

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