Non delivery of medicines from medicines from chemistsWorld

I have booked some medicines from chemistsWorld with Delhivery tracking no. 1420610006355. On the day of delivery which was 23 sep 17 the courier boy asked my location and replied that he will deliver the package within 3-4 hours, the whole day passed away but no one came again on 24 sep 17 they called me and again asked my location and replied that delivery is not possible on that day it will take time 2-3 days more. I am in urgent need of the medicines so without wasting time in waiting of delivery boys i myself went to their office which is in Krishnanagar,Nadia,WB-741101 (Krishnangr_ChtrjDPP_D (West Bengal)) at first the delivery staff asked me to wait for 5 mins which was not an issue, even I waited there for more than 15 -20 mins, then their staff searched a bit and replied right now it is not possible to search, I requested them twice and made them understand about the urgent need of the medicines but all in vain, finally they replied that the package may be lost. They don’t bother about anything ,no sorry no shame,about 6 days the package is left in their office without delivering it and now simply repling that the product may be lost. They doesn’t have any sense of responsibility such a bad experience i had with Delhivery courier. Very shamful for Delhivery couriers , worst service……
I don’t know weather I will get my package or not but the courier boys must be taught about the importance of their work.

Tanmoy Sarkar
Badkulla 741121, West Bengal

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    • JASIM on 11/10/2017 at 12:14 am

    Good job Tanmoy Sarkar.
    How can you say that we did not help you in this regards.We helped you finally delivered your items we told you to wait for the shipment to be recovered as there was online festival sale was going on.How can we trace a single hold shipment just in a minute.Brother we here to help you not to disturb you, before making any complaints kindly loot yourself.Writing anything is easy but finding out the truth is very hard.i think you have got my words.

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