From 30.03.2010 I have made payment (18 installment @ Rs.1400/- equal to Rs.25200/-) to PACL Ltd., and PACl isued a registration certificate bearing No. U142122331 Dt. 30.03.2010 indiacting maturity date as 30.09.2015.

After making 18 installment I have stopped further payment due to news spread on PACL in media and approached their Indore office to collect may payment, but they have returned me saying there is no fraud in our campany, and the amount will return only after completing the materity period along with interes as per company rule.

Now the maturity period is completed and when I reapproached the office, surprised to knwo they have already closed the office at Indore.

Please register my complaint and arrange to refund my money with interest as agreed by the company.

Mishra Rajendra Prasad
Dharnaka, Mhow 452001, Madhya Pradesh
Email: / 03/08/2016 / 3:03 pm

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