I am an account holder with SBI JP Nagar branch, Bangalore(IFSC Code: SBIN0007117).

Yesterday, I went to the JP Nagar branch to deposit an account payee cheque received from my builder against the cancellation of a flat booking. I was informed that, on the cheque there is a change of ink and hand writing (The name was written in one ink and other details in another ink), so they cannot honour this cheque. And, another lady who is designated as the branch manager there by name xxxxxl suggested me to travel to Tirupati and get this cleared at the home branch itself(I said thanks for the valuable suggestion).

I went back and informed the builder about this situation for which he agreed and gave me another cheque. Today, again I went back  to deposit the cheque from the same person written in same ink and handwriting and with the same signature. Now the same lady, the xxxxxx comes up with an explanation that, this being a high value cheque and they cannot take risks, she had suggested me to go to Tirupati the home branch of the cheque issuer (Why the hell am I holding an account with this branch since almost 10 years!!! and why the hell they are running a financial institution when they can’t take finanacial risks-which in this case is non-existent).
Now, when I argued further, she bluntly and very rudely says the signature does not match(which was not the case all this while) and she re-directs me to another called TM xxxxxxxxxxx or whatever his initials, who is designated as the Assistant General Manager of this JP Nagar branch. This guy is so engrossed looking at his monitor and busy making and receiving personal calls that he did not have 2 minutes to listed to a customers plight and give a resolution. After a while when I asked for his time he said OK. And before even I started he started blabbering, oh I don’t know anything about this., the lady being a manager she knows and only she will handle. I got pissed off and said, please listen to me first and then you can blurt out. So, he got calm and then I said, my story of the 2 cheques, for which he said once it is said, it cannot be honoured thats it. I said, please give me a genuine reason why it cannot be done for which he said I am speaking rubbish(Asking for a genuine reason seems rubbish). I insisted either give me a genuine reason or take this cheque and send this for collection to the home branch, which was finally accepted and they took my cheque to send it for collection.

Is this the kind of response expected from a country’s premier bank? Can’t these people get a proper training in customer service and then promoted to the position they rightly deserve?

Take care SBI, these kind of people may move you to the history books and some other bank may take you over, by providing the top notch service. Customers these days won’t take bull shit for an answer. Beware.

Shivanand Swami
#2030 Bangalore, Karnataka
Email: shivanandswami@gmail.com / 18/03/2015 / 5:10 pm

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