On 26th June 2016, I had ordered two vegetarian Diet Pizzas via ‘Food Panda’s mobile app. I completed making the payments while placing the order. Fifteen minutes later, I received a call from ‘Food Panda’ saying, the restaurant with which I had placed the order, “Pizza Republic”, do not deliver at that point of time. The ‘Food Panda’ representative also informed me that he can place the order of the same value with an alternative restaurant named, “Fritazza”. [Order number: m1le-r8et]. I agreed to this deal and clearly repeated twice that it should be a vegetarian fare. We shortlisted “Veg Exotica” from the menu for the replacement order. The order was placed by ‘Food Panda’ and the pizzas were delivered on time.

My wife and me began consuming the pizzas, when my wife suspected something amiss with the chunks in the pizza. When I examined closer, I found that those were chicken pieces! Later, ‘Food Panda’ did confirm over the call by verifying the order that their representative had placed the order for Chicken Peri Peri when he had to change the restaurant (despite me insisting that it has to be a vegetarian pizza).

We had never eaten meat in our lifetime, as it is against our religious beliefs and moral ethos. However, ‘Food Panda’ made us eat meat at the premises of our own home, which is an unpardonable sacrilege.

When I further examined the boxes in which the pizzas came, I also found that there was no indicator for knowing if the food inside is “vegetarian” (green dot) or that “contains animal product (red dot) – as per the established practice in the food (packaging) industry. [I wonder if this is a law and order violation by “Fritazza”]. The pictures from various angles of the pizza-boxes that were delivered to us are available and can be provided on request (not attached due to file-size constraint).

When I called back ‘Food Panda’ and registered a complaint on their carelessness that caused me and my unsuspecting wife commit a religious and moral sin, the representative offered to replace the pizzas. I wanted to speak to a manager from ‘Food Panda’, which I did. However, there was nothing different he could provide, except the offer for a replacement pizza, along with some apologies; both of which I denied to accept.

The said incident is causing severe guilt, mental distress and agony to me and wife. I want to bring ‘Food Panda’ to court, be answerable for committing this social injustice to us. They have to be penalized severely for doing this irreparable damage to our otherwise ethical lives.

Anand Viswanath
Abiramapuram, Chennai 600018, Tamil Nadu
Email: axxxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com / 06/07/2016 / 8:21 pm

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  1. Food panda is a firm which acts as a platform between restaurants and customers so that once the customer pays through paytm/debit card/credit card or online banking then they can make fool of the customer.
    Today morning I was wondering if I could get vada pav and pav bhaji. I downloaded food panda app for the same and ordered the meal, posted through paytm. Ordered was delivered on time. Surprisingly vada pav was a grilled sandwich with an aloo tikki in it, pav bhaji was pav chutni. I mean exactly the same what I am writing.
    Ended up calling food panda for the inconvenience I faced. The solution they gave me is ” you are our valuable customer and we will escalate the feedback to the higher authorities”. I started asking for compilation or any voucher to atleast make me satisfied a little bit but they denied.

    Let me know how consumer court will help others not to fooled and what can be done so that I can sue them.
    Amount I paid is 170(approximately)
    It’s about my hard earned money and the inconvenience I had. I am feeling hopeless only cause I paid them money.

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