I have booked a cab on 26th Feb, 2016 from my Home to Airport. Driver assigned was AxxxxxxA V for CRN191775951 at 3.35pm. I had few relatives going to airport. The driver didn’t say at the start of trip that he doesn’t know where airport is, after almost 1hr 15m he lost his way and told he doesn’t know the way. Then I tried guiding him, and I called customer care who tried guiding him too. But He couldn’t make it to the airport.

I was also going to airport on a different cab, that driver is the witness of this whole episode, finally he dropped me and came back to pick rest of my relatives from midway till the airport.

I had to book a new flight for my relatives with a surge price, which costed me Rs. 49,300.

I want OLA to take stern action against the driver and their appointment committee and do thorough check before appointing a driver. Also I want my money back with an apology from OLA.

Diganta Paladhi
BENGALURU 560068, Karnataka
Email: dxxxxxxxxxxxxxi@gmail.com / 29/02/2016 / 1:21 am

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