I received the delivery of my order #3143 done on fragume.com on Feb 19, 2016 for Wahl Moser 1400-0014 on Mar 1, 2016. When I opened the package, the actual product box was already open. The product is in very old and used condition. the oil bottle was opened, as in, the cap was off and is more than half empty. The blades of the trimmer are quite rusted. The box has dead insect scales inside. Trimmer had dust and hair in its blade. Everything is old & dusty and the bottle still has spider webs on its cap. Also, the white blade-guard cap is missing and most interestingly, there’s no warranty card from the manufacturer or the company in the box.

In short, the product is extensively used, old and totally in unacceptable condition. So I request for the quick refund and free return pickup for the same. The website mentions a 14 days “no questions asked”return policy. I didn’t use the product, I found it in used condition already, after unpacking. Still i was asked to take pictures and send them. This is quite a questionable approach. Still, I e-mailed the pics as asked. But now they are intentionally avoiding any support to me. I am forced to think of this company as fraudulent and scandalous and so, in need of serious legal intervention and action. I cant even trust this website that in case if I return the item, I will even get the refund or not. So I’ll prefer to get the refund before the return or at the very time of return at my doorstep. Please help me here and make this refund and return as quick and hassle free as possible.

Prashant Gawande
Amravati-444606, Maharashtra, India
Email: pxxxxxxxxxx3@hotmail.com / 02/03/2016 / 3:13 pm

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