Order not delivered by Today India Shopping

I placed an online order from Today India Shopping on 12th. June but till now they have not delivered the product. Payment of Rs.5000 was made through debit card. Whenevee i waa calling to customers service they used to tell me we will be sending tracking number on your mail but till no tracking number. After few days when I called again, the number was turned off but when I send mail again they told me to contact on different number. The new lady told me that she will follow up on the issue and after few day she told me that she will returm me my money but after that that phone number was also 9ut of service. Now they don’t even reply to my phone or mail. I do have the website and mail address. My order number and payment confirmation mail to you if you are interested.

Shridhar Lotlikar
LG1&2, Satyawati apts. Maimolem, Vasco da gama 403802, Goa
Email: slotlikar]@rediffmail.com / 25/09/2015 / 11:05 pm

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