Parcel returned without valid reason by Madhur Couriers

I have courier a parcel on date 07/10/2017 by Madhur Courier service with tracking no.P400037867 To Gurgaon Location but the parcel returned back on date 16/10/2017 .After tracking it has found that the returned parcel reached to Shahdol on date 24/10/2017 and kept by Madhur Courier service in Shahdol (M.P.) after contacting on date 04/11/2017 they don’t tell the valid reason to return the parcel to shipper… Because of this delay the company where the parcel has to delivered told not to refund the amount to me because of non delivery of parcel within time..Now I want my refund of ?1949 from Courier service center who keep the parcel with them without any proper reason.

Mukesh Kumar Bharti
Birsinghpur Pali Umariya M.P.

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