This is in regard to my One plus 2 phone. on 14th december the middle sensor of the phone stopped working on its own so i went to the service center in nehru place as stated on the website. As per the guy who attented me there was some proble with touch and the same should have been fixed in a weeks time.

Arond 30th Dec i got a call that the spare part isn’t available and they will need more time. I went to the service center on 9th Jan 2016 to enquire about the same and again i got the same reply that spare part isn’t available and it will take one more week.

Its been more then a month now and today(22nd Jan) i got a call from one plus and as per them i’ll have to collect the phone from the authorised center and give it to some other address as the spare part isn’t available with the earlier center.

Its been more then a month that the phone is in service center and still as per them if i’ll give it to the another address it will take minimum 2 weeks.

kindly look into the same as the phone is not even 6 months old and this is the kind of after sales i am getting.

Luckly my old phone was with me otherwise i would have been forced to buy a new phone because of this after sales.

Sparsh Sharma
New Delhi 110070
Email: / 22/01/2016 / 1:28 pm

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