Hey I am writing to Indian Consumer Forum to complaint against Paytm, it has dethroned our trust and has given the worst service ever. I want really strict and quick action against them.

What Happened :- We guys(4 people) booked a bus ticket from Mandi to Delhi from Paytm, the ticket is attached, the bus never arrived and we waited more than 3 hours in night in that lonely bus stand calling Paytm Customer Care and attendee number on bus ticket but no answers were given, out of fear of the people out there(most of them drunk) we had to stay that night into an hotel and hired a taxi at double price next morning to reach home. We wasted our time(missed our job) and money only because Paytm never informed us about the status of bus earlier and didn’t bother to allot customer executives to attend such delicate matters. God knows what could have happened at that place if we stayed any longer.

After coming back and after registering a complaint(even to their grievance manager – someone who is supposed to handle such critical matters), they have not even bothered to refund our money and I bet their customer Service has not improved either. All I got was an automated reply that they will get back to us, but guess what they won’t. Because they just don’t care.

I am hoping I will have some justice to this matter and some action against them so that they don’t repeat it with any girl or any one for that matter ever ever again.

Chhavi Khandelwal
Shiv nagar, New Delhi-110058
Email: chhavi.kh09@gmail.com / 09/07/2015 / 12:22 am

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