Pathetic service of LG

LG says Life is Good, I would say my life is hell with LG. I have an issue with my LG double door refrigerator and my refrigerator does not start. Filed a complaint on September 4th 2017 and today is 30th of October 2017 and I have no solution from LG service team. They are one of the most pathetic, unprofessional bunch of fools I have seen till date who knows nothing about customer service and business. I have been trying to be good to them, by calling customer care, toll free numbers and asking for help and requesting to solve the problem but not anymore. Please take this complaint as my proof that I am a pissed of LG customer and now whatever step I take against them, it’s only them who would be responsible for my action and behaviour. Now Let me tell you the way they provide service to their customers. After filing a complaint for the first time on 4th of October 2017, two service guy came to my place after three days. Their face and action told that they knew nothing about what they are doing. After trying for half an hour they told me there is an issue with the PCB and as I still have the warranty, a new PCB will be delivered to me with 2-3 days. Weeks went by no calls nothing from the end of LG Service centre. I called them later, they told me they ordered the PCB but due to some unknown reasons the order got cancelled and they are punching the order again and I need to wait for few more days. On asking how many more days, to my shock they have no idea on that. I waited and again no calls came from them, so I called them again after a week from the day of reorder, but in vain. After 3 days I got a call from them saying my PCB has arrived and the service boy is on his way to my home. I rushed home and later came to know that the new PCB they got was faulty and not working and have been asked to wait again with no specific date. I called the toll free number multiple times, they even promised for a call back but never came. I tried to manage various LG service managers number and call them, but they don’t respond. And today is 30th October 2017 and I have no solution of my refrigerator.

Go for any brand but not LG, if you do, you would put hammer in your own feet. #complaintboard #consumerforum if you really understand my problem, request you to take an action against them.

Tapadir Choudhury
Guwahati 781034, Assam

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