I ordered a Opal wall clock with oval shape and pendulum and flashing LEDs. I paid 8500+ rupee for the same via order number 1409478155. Two major problems faced

1. The order is silently declined after 4 days. Why was the item listed if it was not available. Online selling websites are taking wrong advantage of third party selling. Some website like paytm hold millions of cash just to return it after 4 days. It sound like organized money scam of riping interest from bank on common man money.

2. Refund was done without any intimation. Plus, when I did transfer the refund back to bank. It is showing transaction done..money gone to bank. There is nothing done. I even checked my bank account and money is in thin air that too 8550 rs. Hope not many people are suffering money scam like mebfrom paytm

Navdeep Sood
Doddanekundi, Bangalore 560037, Karnataka
Email: nxxxxxxxxxxh@gmail.com / 21/12/2015 / 11:49 pm

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