PayTM order cancelled arbitrarily

Bought “Livestrong 8 in 1 Bench + 50kg weight with home gym combo” from paytm on 20th September 2017 during their cash back sale , order costing 11000, paytm order I’d – 3846309739. Due delivery date shown was 6th October 2017. Tracked the order on courier service FedEx, the order was lying in Visakhapatnam for 9 days but not delivered. Further made contact with seller through paytm mall app , on 8th October 2017, they said “sir your contact number has not been made available with us by paytm, so we could not deliver your order , sorry for delay and we will proceed your delivery with 2-3 days”. Further product not being delivered chechecked status on paytm Mall on 13th October 2017, status shown refunded. Called back to seller they are not able to tell the status of the order or what exactly happened. Called paytm care, phone not connecting for last two days , finally got to talk to paytm care this morning ie 16th October 2017′ they said “sir your Order has been cancelled and paytm has initiated a refund in your account, so you can’t claim your order now” and the story ends…..and moreover I’m being barred from getting details of that particular order on paytm mall app anymore.

DAMANJODI 763008, Odisha

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