Pizza Hut has a Pizza by the name of “El Mexicano Nachos Pizza” which they have categorized into their range of “Flavours of the world”. The menu card mentions the toppings to be of “Nachos”. But, instead of topping the pizza with expensive Nachos, Pizza Hut is topping the same with cheap Bingo Mad Angles chips. This not only cheats the consumers but also destroys the entire purpose of “Flavours of the World” as Bingo Mad Angles-Achaari Masti is Indian flavoured chips that is used for topping the Pizza.

I spoke to the Shift Manager and the Assistant Manager of the outlet, just to confirm if it was the outlet that was cheating its consumers. However, they confirmed that the company recipe, which is presumably common across the country, mentions Bingo Mad Angles as the toppings and not Nachos. They also added that they were supplied with the same “Bingo Mad Angles” to be used as toppings as a part of their company supplies.

If the menu mentions Nachos, they should provide Nachos and not some cheap quality chips. I am sure, they would not dare to do so in any other country. I have posted a feedback against the same on their company website, but as usual they don’t give a damn with their “Chalta Hai” attitude against Indian Consumers. These global brands need to stop cheating and making money in the name of false propaganda in India.

Sunil Agrawal
Dwarka, Delhi, India
Email: / 15/04/2015 / 12:41 am

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  1. Yes, It happened to me too.. They are cheats. My son loves Nachos and hence I had ordered this. But to my Horror, I found Bingo Mad Angles. How cheap can you get PIZZA HUT.
    Shame on you!!!

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