I have had several problems during and post my purchase of a Elite I20 from Sanjay Hyundai in Kalyani Nagar Pune.

1> I was told that I will get the car in 4 months. But when I mentioned that I will not book the car. They came back saying they can give it in 2 months

2> In the last week of the 2nd month, when I called to check for status, they told me that its going to take another month. when I made some noise, they came back saying I can get the white colour. Which I had to agree as I needed the vehicle. although not convinced that this was the case.

3> I was told to sell my old car, which I initially mentioned that I do not want to sell as they were not giving a good deal, but later agreed. and the sales guy kept back 10K saying that I will get it after 2 months.. its now 4 months and I am told that the car has been sold but RTO NOC is pending. which I feel is pure robbery as the car is sold but they refuse to pay the remaining amount.

4> I got my new car, and the insurance document had my name spelled incorrectly.. when I informed the sales guy, he said that it does not matter, And when I asked him is the RC will have it correct. He was absolutely certain

5> I got a paper RC and that too has my name incorrect. I tried speaking to people in Sanjay Hyundai. but now none of them seem like they want to support.

I am not sure if I will get any benefit from this post. But I want to reachout to all prospective buyers of a Hyundai.

Percy Nazareth
Regency Dhanori, Pune, Maharashtra
Email: percynaz@rediffmail.comn / 31/03/2015 / 5:20 pm

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