I ordered Onida washing machine from Flipkart.com on 25-02-2015. Below are the product and invoice details.

Sold By- WS Retail Services Pvt. Ltd.
Order # OD102171896523132300
Product – Onida 5.8 Kg top Loading Washing Machine
Model #WO60TSPLN1

Last month on August 16th 2016, I raised a complaint to Onida customer Service (Complaint #1609E616380052) as the product is not working and they promised me that they will resolve this issue within 7 working days as per warranty terms and conditions. After 7 working days, I have been continuously following up with the customer service to inquire the status of my complaint and its been one month now but the complaint is still in Pending. Whenever I call the customer care, they tell me that they do not have the spare part and thus it is pending and they asked me to contact service delivery man Mr. Sxxxxxxxxs and Mr. Hxxxxxxxxxxxh. I called them every 2 days and they always promise me they will send the technician with spare part and then they break the promise.

In order to escalate this issue, I also tried to send emails to Onida customer care to the following email ids- response@adonis.co.in and response@onida.com. To my surprise, none of the email ids are in active. Then, On Sep 8th, I spoke with Suman Sharma, Customer Service Leader from Onida Head office regarding the complaint and he promised me that the spare part is already shipped to my local service agent and they will send the technician next day on Sep 9th. But to till this date no one has visited my home, neither contacted me in any mode of communication.

I also gave feedback to this product in flipkart.com to which the flipkart agent called me and said he will escalate this issue and get back to me shortly. Neither he showed up again.

I have been fooled many times by the Onida Company and I doubt if they really can provide me the service as they do not have the spare parts but they sell the product in the market.

I request the Onida company and Flipkart.com to refund my money and take the product back as they lack customer service very badly.

Anirudh Basutkar
Begumpet, Hyderabad 500016, Telangana
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com / 15/09/2016 / 12:42 pm

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