On 5 of Oct I have ordered Samsung z 3 silver with the order number # 171-3591652-3319518. I was promised the delivery date as 8 Oct. On 8 of Oct I have received a message saying, “Arriving Today:Samsung Tizen Z3 (Silver) will be delivered by AmzAgent(7xxxxxxxxxxx1). Pay Rs.5,790 by Cash or Debit/Credit Card. And within no time I received an another message saying, ” Arriving late: Please expect a delay of 1-2 days in delivering your Amazon.in order# 171-3591652-3319518. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

And on the next day I received an another message, ” We could not deliver your order with Samsung Tizen Z3 (Silver) as customer was not available. We’ll attempt again on next working day.

Then I have called up the customer care ppl and asked them what’s happening., they said I would be receiving the product by 8 on the same day. I waited. I didn’t get my product. I called up the customer care again. This time they said that I would be receiving the product by the next day. I waited. No use. No updates. I called again. This time they said I have to wait for another 24hrs. Why the hell I have wait for 24hrs when the product has come all the way from the seller within two days and is very much available in my place courier. Its been lying there for 6 days and today is Thursday and I haven’t received the product yet. What’s happening I don’t understand.

With this i have only come to know certain things.

1. The courier team working for amazon is independent of amazon. Amazon has got no control over it. There’s no proper co ordination. Maybe this could be because the courier team is not paid properly or might be they are working for free.

2. The customer service is so weak and pathetic that they don’t know the intensity of a problem and how to resolve it. Poor training.

3. The courier team might have having a back end sales where they sell the products ordered by the customers if they find it a good deal. And simply after several persuasions by the customer they finally say sir you please cancel the product.

So what I have come to know with my experience that amazon is not a proper platform to buy genuine products. There’s no guarantee that you get 100% original products. So beware. Don’t go in the trance of amazon is an international player. Don’t invest your valuable money in the fraudster.

Varaprasad kalv
Hyderabad 502032, Telangana
Email: vxxxxx4@gmail.com / 15/10/2016 / 12:06 am

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  1. Hi Too faced this issue not just single time but two time after requesting them couple time they didn’t even bothered to call me back or provide the resolution to the issue, they just kept repeating same thing again and again that “We will get this issue resolved within 24 hrs or 48 hrs” Or “We will try our best to get the product delivered on high priority 1st in morning ” same thing every other customer care person and after 168 hours also the product was not delivered and no signs of update or any resolution on it.

    I totally agree that they just cheat people in the name of policies and terms and conditions, only the terms and condition for customer and not for Amazon, its shit thing and no1 take any action on that

  2. Same here. Is filing a complaint in this website will do or need to file a complaint separately as iam in no mood to leave them it is because we customers forgiving attitude that this chaps are taking advantage of. Any one reading this comment if you can guide me how to file a complaint in the consumer court

    My mail id : sandeeppanicker20@gmail.com

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