I been to my native Allahabad and on 15th of July went to Civil Lines ICICI Bank Branch to get my Travel Card ($). I met with a lady handling this issue named Uxxxxa serving as an Forex Expert. She saw my VISA of EGYT on 17 of July and returend ticket on 30 of Aug. She said everything is activated and sent me back and the situation was this that the amount in $ was not even loasded due her neglegency. And I visited Egypt without any money in card and suffered alot. I suffered coz from India you cannot send Money to travellers. So I requested a friend in Australia to send me some 1000$ through WESTERN UNION and that is how I servived.

Later when I came back to Bangalore, been to my now home branch at Yelahanka New Town and wasted my 3 days to track why I am not getting my money credited to my Bank Account even though my Travel Card was not activated. Then fortunatey on 01 of October taking with Customer Care, I got to connet to Allahabad Civil Lines Brach Manager and then finally Uxxxxxxa who even shared her personal number to load the card.

I reqvest you to kindly take strict action against this neglegency and I want her to pay for the trouble and loss I suffer. This eveluates 2,800 on my Buying and selling of 700$ which was on no point to buy for me after coming back. then other charges including my money exchange rates with Western Union and Australian $ and some charges and penalty around 8,000. So kindly ask ICICI Bank to pay me 10,800 to my ICICI registered Account Number.

Aman Ullah
Kanakanagar, Rt Nagar Post, Bangalore 560032, Karnataka
Email: axxxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com / 25/11/2016 / 6:29 pm

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