I have bought a roadstar jeans from myntra.10(ten) days haven’t passed yet but i have wore it only for 2 times and it got torned and i found the material to be very bad. After complaining to myntra they have mailed me back to look after the issue and doing the same it had passed 20 dyas almost but yet they are not giving me any feedback. whereas if such thing happens with other online shopping site like flipkart or amazon they always help us with the issue. i have payed 1200 rupees almost for the jeans but was unable to use it. it was a very bad experience for me. i save money to buy things but this type of bad things if they supply it becomes to tough for people like us to sustain life. i would request to please lookafter the matter and give me my money back.

Email: axxxxxxx3@gmail.com / 15/11/2016 / 2:49 pm

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