I had bought a product from e-bay, product being Men’s Slim Fit Black Coat worth Rs. 2,850. I had prepaid it online in first week of December . The product was covered by ebay guarantee which says if the buyer doesn’t like the product, they can return it. This was assured by ebay guarantee on which I placed my faith and bought the product.

Henceforth, I received the product. Now the issue starts. Ebay delivered me a used coat. This was evident from the packing itself. The packing didn’t have a brand label, neither it had any brand tag. Also, the whole packaging was in a condition as it was a garbage rather than a new coat. If I have paid you the exact money which you asked for, I would expect you to honour your end of deal and provide the exact product which had been asked for. Moreover, this coat had a pocket square as per the description of product in website which turned out to be a piece of waste cloth (kind of cloth which is left with tailors after stitching a shirt out of the cloth piece). Also, the product description said its a slim fit coat which also turned out to be non-slim.

I was unhappy with the product and wished to return it. I raised a refund claim and subsequently received a call from the claim department of ebay. My Claim id was 1526318. Item number being 171895443772. The ebay representative asked for my reasons and I told them what I described above. Now this person connected me to a call with the actual seller of the product (Seller id : mulchandani_vishal). The seller simply denied to return the product and said I delivered what I said i.e a Men’s Coat. And the ebay person told me they cant help as the seller has denied. They closed my return claim saying Claim Rejected. The ebay representative didn’t hear a word out of my mouth and behaved like he is seller support service and not the customer support service.

One thing I want to make clear is that I could have bought this product in any of the other online apparel website and could have got the return processed easily without any effort. My fault is just that I place my faith in ebay guarantee which said on the face of website “100% satisfaction or replacement/refund”. I mean given the international existence of the company, I didn’t think much whether that is a lie or not.

After they closed my claim request, I redialed the customer care of ebay many a times in hope of a solution. One of the executive Mr. Akshay Walia told me not to waist time with their department and reach out to ebay grievance department. He gave me one email id and two contact numbers. I wrote an email explaining the issue on January 11, 2016. These people were supposed to resolve it within 48 hours. They replied me saying we can’t reach you over the phone number which I had given. This is the only number which I had and which is in 24*7 usage. I replied saying I will contact from my end if you wish to share your number. They never replied and asks me to send the pics of the coat and proof how its not the same as described. I tried calling them on the two numbers which I had. One was in voice note for Sxxxxxxr Sxxxxxxxxxh and the other number connects to the reception who is helpless. I simply thought this product is not a 100% satisfaction for me and wants to return it. I never thought I would be wasting so much time and effort for making this happen. This is strange given the kind of reputation ebay has worldwide and the way ebay’s competitors take these issues and provides customer satisfaction.

I reached out to this forum as my last resort. My return is still not processed by ebay and it doesn’t seem to happen. These guys are not reachable. I would request you to help me save my hard earned money and my time. Please step in and try to resolve the issue. I will be so greatful to you all.

Thanks in advance.

Prakash Mantri
Bangalor 560095, Karnataka
Email: pxxxxxxxxxxxxi@in.pwc.com / 21/01/2016 / 2:27 pm

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  1. Dear Prakash,

    Thanks for bringing your issue to us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and we will get in touch with you at the earliest . For any further clarification please write to us at ebayindia.helpdesk@gmail.com

    Thanks & Regards,
    Team Ebay

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