I have checked in Grand Hyatt on April 24th, 4 am. I was provided with room number 4106. I ordered regular food and drinks from the room service. On April 25th, we ordered Lunch and drinks from the Room service. Lunch was served and done by 3.30 pm. At around 3.30 pm, since we had to go out, we called the housekeeping and requested them to remove the trolley, empty plates and left-over food. We also informed them that since we are not going to be present in the room, kindly send someone with a key-card. I was assured by Sxxxxo that it will be taken care of. However, when we returned to the room by 8.15 pm, the room was stinking with the stale food. We settled and informed the housekeeping and ordered food and drinks again. Around 10.30 pm we were too exhausted and informed Jxxxxa from house keeping to get the trolley along with plates and little left-over food to be cleared. However, the same thing was repeated. The stale food and trolley was never cleared from the room. Having enough of it, by 9.30 am I called the housekeeping department and requested them to connect me to the manager. The manager, Axxxxxxxxk, apologised for the inconvenience and said he will look into the situation. However, no one showed to my room to clear. By 10.30 am, the stale food and trolley was still in my room from at least 12 hours now and the room was stinking again. Finally, after talking to at least 4 people, the manager of restaurant walked up-to me and apologised for the inconvenience caused to me. I requested him to provide me the name of employees whom I spoke with from room service on previous occasions. He provided me with the names (mentioned above) and offered me a wave-off for the dinner bill from 23rd April. However, as of now, I haven’t accepted the offer since I think it’s not worth the inconvenience caused to me. Therefore I wish to file a legal case against Grand Hyatt for the repeated ignorance in their service to the customer. I would like a compensation amount for the same along with a cancellation of all the room tariff and bills of the room service that I am charged with.

Pratik Jiwane
Paldi, Ahmedabad 380007, Gujarat
Email: pratik@ahmedabad.buzz / 26/04/2016 / 12:15 pm

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