I have transfer my wife’s (Mrs. SxxxxxxA SxxxL) PPF A/c from Salkia head P.O. Howrah-711106 to SBI- Ramrajatala (IFSC-01359), Howrah-711104 on date 13.12.2014. P.O. has sent all relative documents and cheque to SBI with a credit balance an amount of Rs. 219294 without paying any interest of current F.Y. SBI has open it on date 05.02.2015 with same amount. After completion of F.Y. ie 31.03.2015 I observed only Rs.3180 has been paid as interest whereas as per my calculation Rs. 18752 has to be paid as interest. Upto 31.03.2014 total amount was Rs. 204294 and on dt 09.06.’14 Rs. 15000 has been deposited. Balance amount (18752-3180)=15572 not yet paid by SBI -Ramrajatala.

I have make a complaint on line sbi ticket No PP135917785617 and talked to SBI personal, but no positive response has came as they are telling it is not possible to pay it now and wait for next F.Y. For next F.Y. additional interest amount of Rs. 1355 to be paid in addition to Rs. 15572.

Please suggest me what will be my next action and to get the money.

Ramcharan Sett Road, Howrah 711104, W.B.
Email: ranjanseal@gmail.com
Contact No. 9001358013 / 01/05/2015 / 8:24 pm

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