I purched panasonic led hd th32-c200dx on 14th nov 2015 at installation time i purched vediocon hd set up box at that time no problem was observerd. after few days i purchased computer cpu was connected to the tv . when both vga and hdmi cable connected to the tv. when i on the tube light the screen becomes blue and appear normal screen. same was given a complaint to panasonic customer care reference no was r151215058723 on 15 th dec 2015 service people came we will contact after word. and did not told anything and did not rectify the problem so i again contact customer care referance number was r281215105407 upto now no responce so i want to go for consumer forum so give a suitable suggestion thanking you.

Bala ch
Khammam 507116, Telangana
Email: bxxxxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com / 07/01/2016 / 10:09 pm

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