Product missing in order delivered by Myntra

I have ordered a Daniel Klein watch from Myntra on 15th July 2018. I received my order on 17th July 2018. When I opened the box, the watch was missing. I registered complaint against it on the same day i.e. on 17th July 2018. I got a reply from their side that I would receive an update within 3 business days. But when I called them on 19th July 2018, they told that my complaint has been closed as they have cross-checked it. Due to my unsatisfaction, they reopened the complaint and told that they would reply me within 24hrs. When I called them on 20th July 2018, they told that my complaint has been declined by them and they cannot help me in this case. The cost of the watch was ?2690. I will suffer the loss of their fault.

Anurag Kumar
Ghaziabad 201204, Uttar Pradesh

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