Product sold with wrong information

I had purchased a wireless mouse-keyboard combo set(model no.-Microsoft wireless 800 desktop) on 10th Sep,2015. Before making the purchase, i had made myself very clear to the shopkeeper that i needed an infrared mouse which has no laser light. The shopkeeper had confirmed that the mouse set he was selling out to me was an infrared one and had no laser light. Not doubting his intentions of fooling me, i purchased it without checking the product(the shopkeeper was very specific with his words that i was not allowed to open the packet unless i had finally purchased it). The bill was made and once i checked it out myself at home, i found that it was not an infrared mouse but a laser one. I asked him to change it over the phone but he denied saying that the bill was made and now the set was non-replaceable. Therefore, i am bound to file a complaint

Email: EMAIL2TANMOY]@GMAIL.COM / 15/09/2015 / 3:36 pm

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