RBI has issued new directions for ATM usage and transactions vide their circular dt.14-08-2014.

Excerpts from the circular:

a) The number of mandatory free ATM transactions for savings bank account customers at other banks’ ATMs is reduced from the present 5 to 3 transactions per month (inclusive of both financial and non-financial transactions) for transactions done at the ATMs located in the six metro centres, viz. Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Nothing, however, precludes a bank from offering more than three free transactions at other bank ATMs to its account holders if it so desires.

b) This reduction will, however, not apply to small / no frills / Basic Savings Bank Deposit account holders who will continue to enjoy five free transactions, as hitherto.

c) At other locations i.e. other than the six metro centres mentioned above, the present facility of five free transactions for savings bank account customers shall remain unchanged.

d) Banks are advised that at least 5 (five) free transactions (inclusive of financial and non financial transactions) per month should be permitted to the savings bank account customers for use of own bank ATMs at all locations. Beyond this, banks may put in place appropriate Board approved policy relating to charges for customers for use of own bank ATMs.
The ceiling / cap on customer charges of Rs.20/- per transaction (plus service tax, if any) will be applicable.
e) Banks are advised to ensure that the charges structure on ATM transactions, as per their Board approved policy, is informed to the customer in a fair and transparent manner.

f) Further, banks are advised to put in place suitable mechanism for cautioning / advising / alerting the customers about the number of free transactions (OFF-US as well as ON-US) already utilised during the month by the customer and the possibility that charges may be levied as per the banks’ policy on charges.

ATM Stats:

Number of ATM across the country by March 2014 – 1.6 lakhs
Point-of-Sale (POS) infrastructure – 10.65 lakhs terminals

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