I Purchased a Redmi 3s phone from Flipkart on 3/9/16.On 20/10/16, after 45 days of usage without any damage or misuse, the phone suddenly died. It does not respond to power key. It does not recharge. I took the phone directly to MI service center in Indiranagar 100ft road, Bangalore, where they opened the phone for the first time and they are telling that the IMEI sticker and the small MI logo sticker on the back is missing. They denied me free service as the warranty had become void as the stickers were not there. They asked me to complain to Flipkart. So I did the same thing and they said they will solve the problem. It has been 19 days since I complained to them. They kept on mailing and calling me. And at last on 12/11/16 they finally are telling that they cannot replace the device or refund my money as the 10 day replacement policy was over now and that they cannot help me at all. They asked me to take this up with MI company who are always refusing and again and again asking me to complain to Flipkart. If I go to any of them they are asking me to complain to the other one. I have visited the MI service center at least 4 times by now without any solution. They have made me roam and waste my time and face a lot of difficulties! This problem is becoming a mental torture. It is also very complicated.Both of them are not solving the problem. Please solve this problem. NOTE-I have enclosed photo of the phone without the back cover which is user non removable. The photo was taken on 24/10/16 at the authorized service center in Indiranagar,bangalore. The IMEI sticker is supposed to be there on the battery but it is not there. Mi logo stickers on the screws.But missing.

Bala Arjun Ramamoorthy
Anandapura, Bangalore, Karnataka-560036
Email: bxxxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com / 12/11/2016 / 11:39 pm

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