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Received fake product from Olx seller

Once I was browsing through OLX searching for Beats Headphones dealers and came across this person named Axxxxxa Gxxxxa. As the rate was Rs7000 lower than the rate available in the market, I decided to call him and talk to him what it is actually. This person explained me how they are able to give a lesser rate as compared to the market. I agreed to him on it and finalized the latest Beats Studio which he offered me at Rs 30,000 flat whereas the market rate was approximately Rs 37,000. Before i could place the order I confirmed that I should get a Cash On Delivery, and he agreed to it. He said, in order to place an order he asked me to deposit Rs 500 as a booking amount to his account and the remaining Rs 29,500 should be paid at the time of delivery. I agred to him upon this and deposited Rs 500 on 14th of September 2013 as he instructed me ( I have the deposit receipt picture as a proof with me). He pronised that i would receive it through DTDC couriers within few days. He shared the tracking ID with me it was (DTDC Tracking ID: I00660975) (Pouch Number:5041913). I received the courier on 23rd September 2013 after paying Rs 29,500. I asked the courier person to wait until i check the courier. The courier person agreed to it. Once i opened the packing i discovered the headphones inside is a different model than that is given on the picture on the box. I asked the courier person to wait a moment till i confirm, the courier person agreed to it once again. When I removed the real product, I was shocked that it was a fake copy. I asked the courier person for a refund and he denied saying that its the company policy and in order to get a refund you should contact the dealer and talk to him. I shared the products picture and details with Axxxa Gxxxxa and he promised to replace the product for me. After that incident i called axxxxa every single day for my products status. After a month Axxxxa Gxxxxxa said the product is in courier and i would receive it shortly. Afte a week a informed me that the product is stuck with the custom department and i need to pay Rs 4000 to release it. I asked him to pay for it and he denied to pay. I was afraid of loosing my Rs 30,000 and paid another Rs 4000 to his bank account (I have it in my bank records). After receiving the amount he changed his number and no sign of him since then. I also tried to contact the courier agent in his area and was shocked to hear that he is a scammer and done this with several people. I have paid him three different times (Booking Deposit Rs500, Cash on delivery Rs 29,500 and Rs 4000 for custom clearence) and the total is Rs 34,000. Please help me recover my amount. I had also posted this complaint on other consumer forums but have not received any update on it. Please help me recover my amount and save other people from being a victim of their scam. I have his fake product with me as it was sent. If you need proofs, I still have the courier receipts and bank transfer details. Thank you.

Raza Ali Dalal
Mariya’z Dezigner Boutique, 18th June Road, Panaji 403001, Jammu & Kashmir
Email: raz.ali.726]@gmail.com / 22/10/2015 / 3:31 pm

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    • OLX India on 24/10/2015 at 12:53 pm

    Hi Raza,

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
    We are eager to resolve this matter for you at the earliest.
    Please contact us with the relevant details at support@olx.in.
    We look forward to your response.

    Team OLX India

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