We bought a Panasonic LED TV (Model no. TH-42A410) in October, 2014, been only 7 months so far and unfortunately the set has suffered two major manufacturing defects, first one appearing in March, 2015 which was diagnosed to be a fault with the panel and on our complaint the panel was replaced, second one appeared not more than a month after the previous problem in April end, and complained on 2nd May, 2015, TV set was not turning on, diagnosed to be a defect with some P-board in the panel. The complaint status is still ongoing as we have not yet accepted the part (Case no. C020515001993).

Our problem is that after spending hard earned INR 50K in a high end product of a reputed company, we are facing repeated major manufacturing and technical defects in short intervals and are unable to achieve consumer satisfaction and is mentally disturbing to us, it is not in the favour of goodwill of the company and we are trying on our side not to regret purchasing product of an established reputed brand. Presently the set is in warranty period so we can receive your services free of cost, later if such problems continue occurring, it would be tough for us to afford the service! Therefore we request to please understand our problem and order a complete replacement of the unit on grounds of recurrent faulty behaviour and authorise us to select a new model with same specifications OR if that is not possible for you anyhow, provide us a way for lifetime warranty/money refund.

On our above complaint earlier, we were contacted by the customer service only to be asked to accept the part and no other help/solution was given. We expect an active and responsible solution from the company’s side in view of consumer satisfaction and completely replace the set as it has lost its reliability by breaking down repeatedly.

Pranjal Dubey
2/32 IT Colony, 7/44 Tilak Nagar, Kanpur 208002, Uttar Pradesh
Email: pranjalshs@gmail.com / 29/05/2015 / 11:09 pm

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