I purchased a product named “set of 5 garden grace 3d bedsheets with 10 pillow covers – floral collection item no. 256” from best deal tv. Order number 957454 on the 05/11/15. I returned the item back on 15/11/15 as I did not like the design. They received the product on the 16/11/15 as per courier number V26266758. They have a 7 day cash back policy but I have not received my refund till dated 22/01/16. I have spoken to their complaints team and 20 different agents but they keep saying cheque is ready an you will receive it tomorrow. Next minute you call and they say you will receive it next week. This has been happening for over 2 months now. I spoke to the managers Vxxxxxxxl and Pxxxxxxxxm but no help. I even put a complaint on Twitter on 19/01/16 but no reply from Mr Rxxxj Kxxxxxa, Mrs Sxxxxxxxa Sxxxxxxy Kxxxxxxa or best deal tv. I would really appreciate your help on this, honestly it is not about the money but the way customers are conned, just imagine how many cases like these are pending. Thank you.

Shivkaran Shroff
Mumbai 400095, Maharashtra
Email: axxxxxxxxxxf@hotmail.com / 22/01/2016 / 1:17 pm

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