A protein powder was ordered from Ebay. The product was different as was on display on ebay. The ebay claim was filed on 7th November to return and reimburse the amount. The ebay said that th pickup facility is not available so the buyer has to ship the product back to the seller and the amount would be reimburesed via DD. the product was sent back to the seller(seller ID: healthfrist, Ms Txxxxxxr) on 24th November via anjani couriers for a shipping fee of 170 Rs.

Since then I have been calling the ebay and the CC executives have only been filing a Service request no on every call. The intentions of the trader (Ebay) are very clear that ebay is not serious about returning the money. ebay is using the money for its own upliftment, since two months (Novemeber 24th)

The ebay has been taking care of its own profits without having any serious concern towards the blocked money of the customer. these people are raising their own investments by blocking such small amounts from indefinite number of customers.

As a resolution I would request the honorary forum to order the ebay to return the claim amount and the shipping charges along with the applicable compensation for holding the amount for two months and using it for own business purposes. A compensation for the mental and physical stress and suffering. A compensation for cheating and misguiding the buyers for the wrong products on display through advertising.

Abhishek Kumar
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat
Email: ixxxxxxxxxi@gmail.com / 13/01/2016 / 12:29 pm

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