I ordered nike urbanfloat floaters uk size 6 from ebay india on 16 th july ,2015. I paid by credit card. My paypaisa. I received the item on 21st july but the size didnt fit me. I was using ebay for the first time. I have been using amazon, jabong, snapdeal etc regularly and was aware of their return procedure but not ebay’s. So i contacted ebay on toll free no and they advised me to contact seller Mr. Gxxxxxv Sxxxxi of deal space. Seller agreed to refund the money if i couriered the goods back. I contacted ebay and they agreed to the action saying that they will send the credit to my account as soon as i courier and seller agrees to refund. Seller confirmed having sent the mail for refund to ebay and i couriered the package to seller on 23rd july by Maruti couriers docket no.
2077101003850. The courier was received by the seller in person on 27th july which was confirmed by the seller on phone. I lodged a claim with ebay guarantee on 28th july as no refund was coming forth in my account with claim id 1122253.

Today is the 7th august. My claim was to be settled before 1st August. Nothing comes forth. I try to makenot less that 3 phone calls to ebay on daily basis. Everytime i get the same reply- you will get a call in 24hrs and claim will be resolved. It does not happen. No one calls. I have send innumerable mails on whatever email id i can get my hands on including insellerverification@ebay.com,. Have send copies of courier receipts on atleast 10 occasions on being asked for by various customer service executives i hv talked with. Lastly i was told that Ms. Sxxxxa Yxxxxv is my claim manager but i cant talk to her or communicate. The customer service executive can just give me reassurances.

I am very dissatisfied and dissappointed with ebay- my first and last dealing. I paid ?1495 for the floaters but have spend much more on phone calls , mails and in terms of manhours for obtaining refund. I have send back the item successfully and now i have to BEG for refund??

Anal Shah
132ft ring road, ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat
Email: analshah31[@yahoo.co.in / 07/08/2015 / 7:25 am

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